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Hey, Allison House here!

I was looking through old articles recently and realized—man, I’ve always written about pretty technical stuff. Lots of code snippets, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions.

Even the education products I’ve designed, like Codecademy and Treehouse, are built to help people expand their technical skill set. When you’re totally new to design and coding, that’s fine. You need that.

But let’s say you’re a DIY learning success story. You did the work and can turn out a website like it ain’t no thang. Huzzah! You’re ready to take your new design skills to market.

Then there’s this gap, right?

Illustration of gap between technical proficiency and career

How do you make the leap from technical proficiency to having a design career in technology you love?

When you don’t know the answer to that question—and hey, most folks don’t—you basically fall down the gap and end up hanging out on the bottom rung for a few years. Or more.

Escapees of the bottom rung will tell you, “Sorry, you have to stay down there awhile. That’s how you earn your stripes. And can you move that 2 pixels to the left?” (They are probably your manager.)

I want to help you skip the bottom rung.

I don’t know where this blog is going to end up, but here’s where it will begin:

How do you get a great design job—maybe even at a leading technology company—with no work experience?

I’ll explain what I’ve learned from hiring designers at Dropbox and Codecademy and give you specific, actionable advice. I’ll even throw in some bonus insights from my friends at companies like Apple, Facebook, and Google.

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